Eat Good, Shoot Better.
Eat Good, Shoot Better.

Buying and having a handgun is a great right enjoyed by all Americans. With that right comes a responsibility to handle that firearm in a safe manner. Through the NRA basic pistol class you will learn what you need to know to safely use your handgun. My classes are geared towards the needs of the student. I do not teach tactics or combat. I will teach you how to use, clean and properly store your firearm. 

For those who are interested in competition shooting, From USPSA and IDPA baiscs to advanced, I can help you achive your goals. Contact me for details. 

Classes offered:


01  NRA basic Pistol

02  Intro to competition shooting

03 Advanced Competition shooting


All classes are taught on an as needed basis. For individual and couples only.  I will come to your home in the DFW AREA, do the lecture and initial lessons in the comfort of your home, from there we go to the range for 1 on 1 personal instruction.

Contact me for details and to schedule your appointment. 




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